Fire Ordinance #91-ORD.-1

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WHEREAS, section 60.55 of the Wisconsin Statutes states, “The Town Board shall provide for fire protection for the town”…To comply with this law, the Town Board of Supervisors of the Town of Cold Spring shall negotiate and enter unto a fire protection contract for the Town of Cold Spring with the most appropriate fire protection organization available to serve the town.

  1. Any person or persons setting a trash or grass fire is responsible for controlling said fire. Any expenses paid by the town relevant to an out-of-control fire shall be the responsibility of the person or persons setting the fire. The cost of that service shall be charged to that property owner or owners as provided in Section 60.55(2)(b).
  2. Any person or persons wishing to burn trash or yard debris, except for small amounts in a trash barrel, must, prior to setting the fire, call the appropriate fire department to alert the department to the fire. That person must give the fire department his or her name, address, telephone number and location of the fire. Said person or persons shall start fires only as permitted under local, county, state or federal regulations and rules in effect at the time of the burning.
  3. HOME FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS – False fire alarm calls. Any expense paid by the town relevant to a false fire alarm call shall be the responsibility of the property owner.
  4. Cost of fire service charged to property owners not paid after second billing sent by certified mail shall be added to property owner’s tax bill as a special charge, effective the 1st day of October, 1991 and upon publication of this ordinance.


Lisle Piper, Jr (signed)

Town Chairman


Wesley G. Freeman (signed)



Lyle J. Pester (signed)



Dated September 5, 1991

Published September 19, 1991


Mary Ellen Findlay (signed)

Attest – Town Clerk

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