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(Replaced by Liquor License Ordinance #96-2)


Every person, pursuant to Chapter 125, (1991-1992) Wis. Stats. and this ordinance in the Town of Cold Spring who sells alcohol beverages and manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors of such beverages in the Town of Cold Spring shall seek and obtain the following applicable license or permits from the Town of Cold Spring, namely:

  1. Class B winery license
  2. Class A Fermented Malt Beverage
  3. Class B Fermented Malt Beverage
  4. Class A Liquor
  5. Class B Liquor
  6. Operators License
  7. Class B Fermented Malt Beverage, Picnic License
  8. Manager’s License

The fees for such licenses or permits shall be established annually by the Town Board of the Town of Cold Spring. The license or permit shall be from July 1 of one year to June 30 of the next year.

No person shall be issued or re-issued a Class A or Class B license for any premise in the Town of Cold Spring until all delinquent taxes and assessments of the Town of Cold Spring for that premises are paid to the Town Treasurer.

This ordinance shall be deemed to be in force effective June 30, 1993 after its passage, approval, publication and recording according to law.


Lisle Piper, Jr (signed)

Town Board Chairman


Wesley G. Freeman (signed)

Town Board Supervisor


Lyle J. Pester (signed)

Town Board Supervisor


Dated June 3, 1993

Published June 10, 1993


Mary Ellen Findlay (signed)

Attest – Town Clerk

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