Small Animal Collection Contract

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The Humane Society of Jefferson County, Inc.

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Small Animal Collection Contract

THIS CONTRACT, made and entered into by and between the Town of Cold Spring, a municipal corporation, organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Wisconsin, hereinafter called First Party, and the Humane Society of Jefferson County, Inc., a private non-profit corporation, with its principal place of business in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, hereinafter called the Second Party, WITNESSETH:

In consideration of this contract, First Party agrees to allow Second Party to retain all boarding fees and to pay $181.00 monthly to the Second Party to collect, impound, process, and dispose of all dogs and cats unlawfully at large in the Town of Cold Spring.  The payment to be made by the First Party shall be computed upon the basis of the population of said city as established by the Federal Census of 2010 or most current estimate at the rate of $2.67 (Two dollars and sixty-seven cents) for each person living within such area.  The population of the Town of Cold Spring based on most current estimate, is 814.

Second party in connection herewith specifically agrees to perform the following services:

  1. The Second Party will furnish and maintain facilities and equipment adequate for the housing, shelter, care and disposal of all dogs and cats unlawfully at large, and to impound them under and pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes and ordinances of the Town of Cold Spring now existing or as hereafter amended, the object being to impound such stray dogs and cats and to return to the rightful owner or place in a new home or euthanize same under the ordinances of the First Party.  Animals other than dogs and cats will be boarded for the required holding period and if not redeemed and reimbursed by the owner, the cost of caring for said animal shall be billed to the municipality.
  2. The Second Party will impound and keep such animals above referred to until otherwise disposed of in accordance with Wisconsin Statues and the ordinances of the Frist Party, now in force, or as hereafter amended during the term covered by this contract, and will employ and pay competent persons to perform and will collect, take, keep, and dispose of all dogs and cats tendered to it by or from any department of the First Party.  Such animals will be received or picked up on a twenty-four-hour basis, seven days a week.  For purposes of redemption of stray dogs and cats, the Animal Shelter shall be open at least thirty hours per week.
  3. Second party will wholly cooperate with First Party and any and all departments of the First party in performance and observance of the First Party and Wisconsin Statutes.
  4. Second Party will cooperate with any duly elected or appointed official of the First Party in the prosecution of violations of any ordinance of the First Party or Wisconsin Statutes, with respect to dogs or cats.  Second Party agrees to maintain telephone answering services and provide two-way communication with at least one animal control vehicle.  Second Party agrees to provide First Party with the names and addresses of owners redeeming stray pets after all legal obligations have been met pursuant to ordinances of the First Party.
  5. The term of this contract shall be for a period of twelve months starting on January 1, 2018 and ending on December 31, 2018.
  6. The contract shall be in force and effect, and binding upon the parties hereto, when legally executed by the First Party by resolution approved by the Town of the First Party, and when executed by the Second Party by its proper officers as provided by the Second Party by its proper officers as provided by law.
  7. Second Party agrees to impound any stray dog and cat that is suspect in a bite case, for a ten-day observation period as required by Jefferson County Ordinance 24.
  8. Second Party agrees to carry liability insurance which shall save harmless the First Party and protect the public and any person from any and all claims for damages by reason of bodily injury or property damage arising from the activities by the Second Party under the terms of this contract.  Upon approval of this contract by the Town Council the Second Party shall furnish the First party with proper affidavits executed by representatives of insurance companies qualified to do business in Wisconsin, evidencing that said insurance company or companies have issued liability insurance policies effective during the life of this contract, protecting the public and any person from injuries or damage sustained by reason of carrying out of the activities under this agreement.  The affidavit shall specifically evidence the following forms of insurance protection:
    1. Public liability insurance covering all activities and operations performed by the persons directly employed by the Second Party.
    2. Bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability insurance on any and all motor vehicles employed in the activities and operation of the Second Party under this agreement, whether owned by the Second Party or by other persons, firms, or corporation.
  9. Second Party shall have the right to retain any all voluntary contributions received by its in connection with the collection and disposal of animals under the contract and shall further have the right to dispose of such animals as provided for by Wisconsin Statutes and other ordinances of the First Party.
  10. In addition thereto, Second Party shall report monthly to the First Party by giving a complete record of all animals handled by Second Party for the First Party.



2018 Jefferson County Humane Society Contract

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